Amazon’s Five Highest Rated Bucket of Balls

This weekend, my good friend and baseball fiend challenged me to back-up the recommendations made on this site even further. Despite the hard work that I’ve done to make my interactive chart showing my personally recommended bucket of balls, he wanted to see some more support. So, here it goes.

The Most-Loved Bucket of Balls

When I took a look this morning on and searched baseballs by customer ratings, I must admit I was surprised. The top rated baseball was certainly not the highest quality baseball. Rather, it was an inexpensive ball best used for training, the MacGregor 79P.

MacGregor 79P is Amazon's highest rated bucket of balls.

Who would have thought the MacGregor 79P gets’s highest ratings?

Despite being a slightly less-than-perfect construction and build, customers who have purchased this baseball have been very pleased! Upon further review of the particular reviews, it seems that customers agree with my assessment that the MacGregor 79P is a reliable practice baseball and a great value. For example, Amazon user TucsonShopper started his review with the following:

At this price, it’s hard to find practice baseballs that match the quality of these Macgregor 79P Leather Practice Baseballs. The leather is durable and high quality, the stitching is top notch, and they feel very similar to a real baseball whether you are batting or throwing.

Rounding Out the Top Five

Not every ballplayer plays in front of thousands of fans. Everyone that eventually does has to start somewhere. reviewers have a very high satisfaction rate with this baseball and are happy that the ball simply just gets the job done and is easy to learn with.

This may be the bucket of balls that I had originally thought may have ended up in the top spot. Because, as I mention on both my guide to the best baseballs and my post on reliable practice baseballs, these balls are built very well. They’ll certainly cost more than other balls of lesser quality will, but the consensus amongst reviewers is that these balls are money well-spent.

As mentioned above, the MacGregor 79P is an inexpensive, yet durable practice baseball. Their reputation is such that this particular model makes it onto’s top 5 list twice. This is also one of the deals that I recommend for anyone looking to purchase baseballs in bulk.

Though not a great ball to throw or use for infield practice, these yellow dimpled balls have their place in training closets. They are easy compatible with more pitching machines, and can be great for those looking to practice their swing mechanics. Plus, they are much less expensive than leather baseballs are.

Now You Are the Reviewer

Did do a good job? What do you think? Did you like your bucket of balls? Keep the conversation going below in the comments!