Softball Buckets

Softball Buckets are very convenient for any softball team. Softball Buckets are durable plastic bucket that can hold many softballs. You can use this bucket to transfer softballs to practice as well as to any games. They make transporting multiple softball easy and convenient. Softball Buckets have another use, as they have a padded seat as well. Coaches can sit in the middle of the field or on the sidelines and observe drills. Because this bucket is so portable, the coach can take it anywhere and always have a seat with them.

Quality Softball Buckets for Your Team

Amazon offers several choices for these Buckets. The first one is The Easton Padded Seat Ball Bucket. This product is sold by Pro Player Supply. It is a six gallon bucket made out of durable plastic which secures longevity in this product’s life.

It also contains a padded cushion which also serves as the lid. It holds five dozen baseballs or two dozen softballs. It also has an easy carrying handle, so it can be transported anywhere. The lid fits tightly on the bucket protecting everything that is inside it. This bucket is also waterproof. So even if you have really long rain delays at any game, you will know that the equipment in the bucket is dry and well protected.

The second choice is a Louisville Slugger Ball Bucket. This bucket is a six gallon bucket that is made from durable plastic. Being that it is made out of plastic it will last a really long time.

It also contains a lid with a padded cushion which can also serve as a seat for the coach. It holds 5 dozen baseballs, and 2 dozen softballs. There is also a durable handle attached to the bucket. The handle allows for easy carrying and transport of the bucket. The lid fits tightly on the bucket, so nothing will spill out if the bucket were to be knocked over. The bucket is also waterproof. The tight lid prevents any water from coming into the bucket. So if you have rain delays at a game, or rain during practice, you can be assured that the items in the bucket will stay safe and dry.

Your Turn

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