Rawlings: The Golden Standard

Rawlings baseballs have been the official ball of the Major League since 1977, which speaks clearly of their quality, durability, and utility. Whether playing for the big leagues or with the neighborhood kids, Rawlings has a variety of balls that are perfect for the game. As such, Rawlings is one of our favorite picks for […]

Baseballs for Pitching Machine Use

When the pitching machine was first invented the only baseballs available for use were the regular game balls. There were several resulting problems caused by the incompatibility of the machine dynamics and the structure of the game ball. Pitching Machine Dynamics A pitching machine is constructed to put even pressure round the back side of […]

Softball Buckets

Softball Buckets are very convenient for any softball team. Softball Buckets are durable plastic bucket that can hold many softballs. You can use this bucket to transfer softballs to practice as well as to any games. They make transporting multiple softball easy and convenient. Softball Buckets have another use, as they have a padded seat […]

Foam Baseballs

At one time, until 1973, baseballs were known as horsehides, because that is the material that was used to make them. After that, horse hide became scarce, so cowhide was used to make the balls instead. Nowadays, foam baseballs are being made for use by amateurs, for whom the regulation ball may be too dangerous […]

Are Cheap Baseballs Worth The Money Saved?

Cheap baseballs can certainly be a tempting purchase. However, without first having a good idea of what you are going to be using the baseballs for, you could be simply throwing money away. In most instances, purchasing the cheapest baseballs will not be the best use of your money. What are Cheap Baseballs Made Of? […]

What Can You Do With a Dozen Baseballs?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken careful time to do extensive research on the best buckets of baseballs available for you. I’ve learned that there are a tremendous amount of different uses for even just a dozen baseballs. In this spirit, I decided that I would make a post devoted to kinds of baseballs […]

Weighted Baseballs Can Build Real Arm Strength

Weighted baseballs are a topic that always cause a bit of controversy amongst baseball coaches. A pitcher’s arm is a delicate creation, and mistreating one can cause lasting harm and permanent injuries. For this reason, many baseball coaches have chosen not to use heavier balls, in the fear that the strain they cause will damage […]

Amazon’s Five Highest Rated Bucket of Balls

This weekend, my good friend and baseball fiend challenged me to back-up the recommendations made on this site even further. Despite the hard work that I’ve done to make my interactive chart¬†showing my personally recommended bucket of balls, he wanted to see some more support. So, here it goes. The Most-Loved Bucket of Balls When […]

Leather Baseballs are Needed for Practice Too!

Most baseballs used in any sort of official capacity are leather baseballs.¬†However, large manufacturers will often also create balls made out of synthetic leather, rubber or a plastic composite to lower production costs. For specialized training or for use with pitching machines, these balls can significantly lower costs spent on equipment. Expenses can quickly add […]

Practice Baseballs for Quality Training Sessions

A Major League Baseball player will without a doubt have gone through hundreds of practice baseballs before they get their first call-up. This is in no small part due to the unique nature of baseball: even the most gifted of athletes also must have an extreme level of technical prowess to ultimately succeed. And that […]