Foam Baseballs

At one time, until 1973, baseballs were known as horsehides, because that is the material that was used to make them. After that, horse hide became scarce, so cowhide was used to make the balls instead.

Nowadays, foam baseballs are being made for use by amateurs, for whom the regulation ball may be too dangerous because of its hard texture. They are also commonly used by professional players for practice. We review two sets of foam balls which can be beneficial for use in training, or use with young players.

Team MLB 3Pack Foam Baseballs

Three balls come in this package: a yellow one, a red one and a blue one. The package is a product of Franklin Sports, a company that manufacturers all kinds of sports toys, from pitching machines to football goal post sets to Disney/Pixar Cars soccer balls. It is meant for children aged four to eighteen. The foam from which the balls are made is MLB gradient, and they contain gradient spray color. They are lightweight, easily adjustable and meant to last for a long time. They will not stand up to dogs, however; one buyer reports that theirs pierced one of the balls with her teeth, so if you have dogs, keep them away from these things!

The balls are soft enough for a three-year-old to throw them without hurting anyone, while at the same time being firm enough that they can be struck with a bat. Their bright colors make them easy to spot on a lawn, and most of all, children love them!

Franklin Sports MLB Foam Balls

Our other package consists of two white foam baseballs with red stitching. The soft foam from which they are made makes them perfect for backyard use. These balls are made to be used with the Franklin Sports MLB® Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine which is sold separately. The product has a rating of four and a half stars. One buyer found them perfect for her son, whose school allows softballs only.

What Do You Think?

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