Rawlings: The Golden Standard

Rawlings baseballs have been the official ball of the Major League since 1977, which speaks clearly of their quality, durability, and utility.

Whether playing for the big leagues or with the neighborhood kids, Rawlings has a variety of balls that are perfect for the game. As such, Rawlings is one of our favorite picks for a high quality baseball brand. Here are a few of our featured Rawlings products:

Rawlings RLLB1 Baseballs


A Rawlings RLLB1 Baseball

Arriving in a pack of 12 these balls are the real deal. Their quality leather exterior and slightly raised stitching makes them perfect for little leaguers or younger players. Whatever the weather, field or conditions, these balls hold their own.

The solid core holds up exceptionally well to heavy use and bat abuse, ensuring the balls remain perfect hit after hit The slightly raised seams also hold their shape and rise ensuring a perfect ball for those big games or everyday practice.

These RUB1 Rawlings baseballs are also ideal for developing pitchers to get their game on, as well improving upon it. The durability of these quality made balls ensures that they rarely ever need to be replaced.

Rawlings ROLB1X Baseballs


A bucket of ROLB1X Baseballs. High quality and durable baseballs.

These baseballs are a fantastic value, and are a great combination of quality and durability.

In fact, these baseballs were even destined to potentially be used in the Major Leagues, but were sorted out due to minor cosmetic imperfections.

With a cork or rubber interior, raised seams, and a full grain leather exterior they are the perfect ball to bring to the park or practice with. At the same time, these baseballs would also be perfectly suitable for use in various official leagues play.

Apart from being a highly recommended pick of Bucket of Baseballs, the Rawlings ROLB1X is also the most purchased baseball amongst our readers.

Rawlings Official Major League Baseball


The Official Major League Baseball

It arguably can’t get any better than this, right?

These are the very balls that are used in every major league game.

Though it may be a stretch to purchase a full lot of these baseballs for the local team, the durability and quality of this ball is unquestioned.

Rather, this ball may be better off as a gift, or to be used for autographs, memorabilia and the likes. Either way, you know you’re getting the absolute highest quality from this baseball.

Do you Use Rawlings?

We’ve heard almost nothing but good things about Rawlings baseballs. Do you use Rawlings baseballs? We’d love to hear what you think about the brand and the quality of their baseballs? What model do you use? Please let us know in the comments below.