Weighted Baseballs Can Build Real Arm Strength

Weighted baseballs are a topic that always cause a bit of controversy amongst baseball coaches. A pitcher’s arm is a delicate creation, and mistreating one can cause lasting harm and permanent injuries. For this reason, many baseball coaches have chosen not to use heavier balls, in the fear that the strain they cause will damage their pitcher. However, if used correctly and as intended, weighted baseballs can in fact build strength in a pitcher’s arm and increase pitch velocity in games.

Proper Use of Weighted Balls

A pitcher and their coach need to remember that heavier balls should only be used in certain circumstances. They also should not be used in the absence of a structured program, where progress can be monitored. Above all, you shouldn’t forget that these training baseballs should:

  • Never be thrown off of a mound.
  • Never be caught, or used to play catch.
  • Never be used for young (under 13) or developing arms.
  • Not be used during injury rehabilitation.
  • Only be thrown from about 30 feet, at most

Only once a pitcher has already developed sound mechanics and arm-strength with a regulation five ounce baseball, should coaches consider a training program with heavier baseballs. Coaches cannot forget that using weighted baseballs is a form of resistance training, and should be treated as such. An example of a program could be the following:

  • Five throws with a five ounce baseball.
  • Three throws with a seven ounce baseball.
  • Three throws with a nine ounce baseball.
  • Six throws with a ten ounce baseball.
  • Three throws with a nine ounce baseball.
  • Three throws with a seven ounce baseball.
  • Five throws with a five ounce baseball.

When first starting a resistance program, it is typical to start with smaller weight increments, and then work your way up to using ten to twelve ounce baseballs. Not all arms can take that sort of weight, and adjustments should be made as necessary.

What are some good weighted baseballs?

Champions Sports makes a high quality set of weighted baseballs.
The Champion Sports Weighted Training Baseball Set is a complete set of baseballs that are great for developing a vary of programs. As we mentioned, no arm is the same, and it’s hard to tell what sort of weights will be better to use in a resistance program without first trying them. By purchasing a set of baseballs like this, you can be sure that you’ll have all of the baseballs you will need to make adjustments to a training regimen. This set even comes with baseballs lighter than five ounces for even more potential exercises.

The Rawling's 3-Inch weighted balls are a good tool for building arm strength.
The Rawlings 3-Inch Weight Balls¬†are also a good choice with which to develop a resistance and training program. Though they do not come with as many baseballs as the Champion’s set, within a good program they can still be used effectively to build strength. Note that at 3 inchs, these are smaller in size than regular baseballs would be.

What do You Think?

Are weighted baseballs for you? Have you ever trained with heavier balls, or are you looking to? Please leave your comments below.