Purchasing a Quality Bucket of Softballs

A bucket of softballs is beneficial to teams in many different ways. Given the length of practice sessions, and the speed at which a practice session operates, it is necessary for teams to have an abundant amount of balls for practices.

Benefits of A Quality Bucket of Softballs

Having a quality bucket of softballs doesn’t only provide you with all of the softballs you need for practice, but it also is a convenient way to transport the most important part of your practice. When running multiple drills at one time it’s nice for each group to have their own bucket of softballs to operate independently with.

This also allows the team to be more efficient with practices, and have less downtime collecting balls.

Identifying A Durable Bucket, With Quality Softballs

A durable set of softballs will produce a high value for your team, with a minimal cost. Below, we have identified two buckets of softballs that meet our high-standards.

The Worth FPEX Bucket of Softballs are great for pitching practice, and also batting practice. Once the round of batting practice is done, the fielders can roll the balls in to the pitcher where she can collect them into the bucket and quickly begin to pitch to the next batter. The foam seats on the lids of the buckets are also nice for older coaches who would like to catch pitching practices.

Plus, the bucket includes 18 FPEX 12-Inch Poly-X Core Softballs, perfect for all sorts of practice situations.

The Macgregor Bucket of Two Dozen Softballs is another quality set of softballs for use in practice.

The bucket includes 24 11-inch softballs. The softballs are constructed with synthetic leather, which will lower their price, but restricts their usage to practice situations. However, the softballs are well-designed, and still handle well for replicating game-situations.

Though they may not be the highest quality softballs, remember, we are looking for the best combination of durability and affordable price.

Your Turn

What brand of softballs do you prefer to use for practice? How do they hold up. I’d love to hear your opinions in our comments section.