What Can You Do With a Dozen Baseballs?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken careful time to do extensive research on the best buckets of baseballs available for you. I’ve learned that there are a tremendous amount of different uses for even just a dozen baseballs. In this spirit, I decided that I would make a post devoted to kinds of baseballs that are sold in packs of twelve. Please note that this post features some of the other posts that I’ve written so far for this website.

In fact, when I did a review on the top five rated baseballs on Amazon.com, the highest rated product came in a pack of a dozen baseballs! The Macgregor 79P Leather Practice Baseball came out on top, and reviews showed it to be a baseball well-worth including in practice sessions for youth players. Reviewers praised its durability and versatility.

The ROLB1X is our preferred practice baseball. It is also sold in packs of a dozen baseballs.

The Rawlings ROLB1x.

Most recently, I dispelled the notion that training with weighted baseballs can be detrimental to pitchers. Rather, with the right oversight, planning and management, training with heavier balls can create arm strength and increase pitch velocity. I found the Champion Sports Weighted Training Baseball Set to be a particularly good product. They come with eleven baseballs of all different weights.

For those looking for high-quality baseballs for use in higher-level competitive environments and practices, the Rawlings ROLB1X Baseball is about as good as money can buy. And it comes in packs of a dozen baseballs as well! Previously, I had included it’s 36-pack cousin in my review of quality practice baseballs.

Maybe a Dozen Baseballs Isn’t Always Best

However, folks, don’t forget that often times the greatest value can be had when you purchase baseballs in bulk. For more general and generic baseballs, don’t hesitate to scoop up a whole bunch at once and save your hard-earned money. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from all of you.